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Glenn McConnell
Glenn McConnell

Seymour says Winston Peters' comments about indigeneity show he's 'desperate' 

NZ First leader Winston Peters made the claim that Māori are “not indigenous” during a campaign rally in Nelson on Sunday, a claim which ACT's David Seymour labelled "ugly" and "desperate".

Both Peters and Seymour are Māori.

Seymour told Stuff on Monday he thought Peters was making attention-grabbing claims during his rally as he was worried by polls showing NZ First juts below the 5% threshold.

"First of all, for what it's worth, Māori are indigenous by the definition," Seymour said.

"They're desperate. The truth is most polls still have them under 5%, his political career is over and he's got nothing to show for 45 years of this."

If NZ First does make it past 5%, it's likely to be a coalition with National and ACT. Hipkins and Peters have ruled out working with each other.

But Seymour and Peters do not see eye to eye. In August, Seymour said it would be "impossible" to work with him around the Cabinet table.

"He's had so many chances and he's really struggling to argue he deserves another chance," Seymour said on Monday.

He said it was disappointing to see cultural and racial identity issues being brought into this election campaign. 
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