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Anastasia Laikam
Anastasia Laikam

10 Quick Tips to Freshen up your Next Liveblog!

A good news story is more than just text. It has to capture audiences visually as well. Thankfully, it's easy to integrate different kinds of media into your liveblogs to give them that extra pep! In this post, we've compiled a list of our favourite third-party content providers for you to use in your next liveblog.

1. Opinary

Increase reader engagement and provide real-time results with Opinary polls!  Here's an example of how it can look in your liveblog: 

2. Datawrapper

Create graphs, tables, and charts from survey results or other collected data. Your Opinary results can even be presented graphically to readers, too.

3. Open Graph Links

If you want to include Open Graph links in your liveblog, you just have to copy and paste the link. The content preview will be included automatically by Tickaroo. 

4. Getty Images und dpa Picture Alliance

These two agencies are the perfect way to incorporate high quality images of any event you are covering.
Our bonus: Both agencies are already integrated into our social search. So you can easily pick the image files right from within our Live Blog editor!

5. Social Media

Because social media is used by many people and organizations, newspapers are also publishing these posts into their news coverage. These social media posts act as accessible primary sources for fast-developing stories. 

New content is generated every second. But how do you find what you're looking for? With our optimized social search function, you can easily filter through the most important content.

6. Facebook und Instagram

Even though many public figures do not share posts themselves, their media team often follows a strict formula. This means that everything posted is designed to create an authentic image of the subject. These posts can therefore provide valuable insights into these organizations' and figures' actions and strategies. 

7. Twitter

Known for its short real-time content, Twitter is every livebloggers must-have social platform. Integrate relevant tweets into your live coverage to provide your readers with news directly from the source. 

8. Youtube und Vimeo

Short clips and helpful informational videos are a good way to provide your readers with visual representation of what you are covering in the rest of your story. 

9. Gfycat

 Gifs don’t have to just be about lightening the mood or sharing a political gaffe, they can also be tailor-made to fit the post. Simply download a clip from the On.Air Mediacenter (where all of the clips from your organization’s liveblogs can be found) and create a gif from it in Gfycat.

10. Soundcloud und Spotify

Companies and celebrities often use songs to build and enforce their brand. Include these songs or any relevant podcasts within your liveblogs to mirror the tone of the events you are covering.


There are now many more ways than ever to present information not only in text form, but also visually. Your readers will enjoy actively participating in polls, sifting through stunning visuals, and learning more background knowledge via video.

It's never been easier to integrate third-party content into your liveblog. When you know your audience, you can engage with them more effectively with the right content.

Tickaroo gives you the power to get more out of your live coverage.

Sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Liveblog trial account today and try out our improved user interface!

PS: Notice anything different? This blog post was created with our new editor 2.0!
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