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Introducing Tickaroo On.Air

Catch all of the action: Film, edit and post professional video footage from your mobile device Tickaroo's newest On.Air product feature is an instant replay video function that is available exclusively within the Tickaroo Live Blog app. Film and post solo or work as a team thanks to our multi-reporter function and present your readers with the fullest multi-media experience possible. Currently available to all Tickaroo PRO users free of charge while in the Beta phase, On.Air is a veritable game changer. Create and Edit with Ease Tickaroo On.Air is fully compatible with Tickaroo Live Blog and is ideal for reporters who want to create professional video clips from the field. Never miss a second of the event thanks to a recording buffer of three minutes from which one can select and edit highlight clips as well as continuous recording capabilities even while in the editing mode. Easily add video clips to existing posts in the live blog or even edit the score if you are recording within a sports livecast. Getting Started 1. The first step to using On.Air is to make sure that you have the latest version of the Tickaroo Live Blog app (3.3.0) on your phone which is available for both Android and iOS. 2. Either create a new live blog or enter one that has been set up for you. By simply clicking on the "+" while in the write mode and then on "Instant Replay On.Air" your device will begin recording. 3. When something newsworthy has happened and you would like to post it, click on the "+" which will direct you to the video editing screen. Here you can use the slider to easily choose what clip you want to post and after you have edited the clip, simply press the red arrow and then select “send”. From the editing screen you can also go back to the recording screen by clicking on the "x” in the top left corner. 4. If you want to fully exit On.Air mode, click on the "x" in the top left (iOS users) or the device's back button (Android users), and you will be returned to the standard "write mode" of the live blog or livecast. Share Your Footage The clip of the highlight that you post, and not the rest of the video, will be saved to the liveblog, onto your device as well as to your organization’s Tickaroo PRO account under the new On.Air tab. The benefit of having the clips saved to Tickaroo PRO is that the videos can be downloaded, accessed by colleagues remotely or posted to social media sites such as YouTube. The only thing left to do now is charge your favorite mobile device and start filming!

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