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Software Development Company Tickaroo Secures Prominent Clients

Naomi Owusu wins prominent new clients with her live content startup. Two media portals with significant reach now rely on the startup’s technology. Translated from Johannes Steger’s article published in Handelsblatt on Sept. 24, 2018. For the original article click here. Naomi Owusu travels quite a bit for work: Berlin, Hamburg, or even occasionally to Austin for the SXSW Conference. But she would never dream of trading her hometown Regensburg for what some would consider a more hip location. As she insists upon this fact, one can hear her lapse just a bit into the relaxed melodic dialect, which the people in the south of Germany are known for. However, the 37 year old mother of four is instead herself rather dynamic. Her startup, Tickaroo, was listed by media provider Kress as one of the most important specialized agency’s in Germany. And yet, everything began rather small in tranquil Regensburg. As Owusu founded Tickaroo in 2011 with her three co-founders, their aspiration was a slightly different one at the time: “ We wanted to provide local journalists and fans from lower level sports clubs with cost effective live coverage capabilities" Owusu remembers. Tickaroo provides a liveblogging technology, that can be used on a computer or via smartphone which can help users to inform others about current sporting event results, and has also been found useful for industries such as news and event management. But everything changed as the soccer magazine “kicker” became aware of the Regensburg company and decided to invest a seven figure sum. “Their investment is what got the attention of other media houses” explains Owusu, who before Tickaroo worked as a digital consultant. Now, for its 7th Birthday, another big step can be announced— with “Spiegel Online” and the “Süddeutscher Zeitung”, two of the largest media providers in the country now belong to the clientele of the Regensburger native. Not only do they use the technology for sports, but also for other topics, like their political coverage. Owusu doesn’t want to forget where they started however, “Without the hobby reporters, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” This is why the technology still has a free version. Only versions for sports associations, event organisers, and media houses require a fee.

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