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Easy Switch: From Scribble to Tickaroo

Tickaroo’s Scribble Importer: Let us do the work so that you don’t lose yours

Before taking the plunge and deciding to switch live content management systems there are usually a number of questions that present themselves, one of which is: what happens to the older content? Understandably, the prospect of manually ex-/importing all of the older live blogs might seem like a daunting and very time consuming (read: costly) task. This alone could seem like reason enough to stay put and continue with the present system, even if it isn’t meeting your needs. Tickaroo has developed a new feature for prospective clients: the Scribble Importer, so that efficiently being able to transfer older content to the new CMS isn’t stopping you from finding the right technology for your reporting needs. Effective immediately, it's possible to have all of your older Scribble live blogs transferred into your Tickaroo account. The best part, aside from being a new Tickaroo customer, is that we do all of the work for you! All that’s left is to start planning all of the live blogs that you can write with our failsafe and scalable technology. Get in touch with our Sales Team today! Disclaimer: Please note that this is only done with the express permission of the customer!
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