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Customer API for Creating and Reading Live Blogs

Tickaroo has implemented a time-saving tool that lets reporters initiate an entire Tickaroo live blog from the comfort of their very own content management system (CMS). Tickaroo prides itself with being able to offer reporters and event narrators time-saving methods by which live blogs can be created. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that it is now possible for CMS developers to provide their users with a more convenient solution thanks to the provision of an on-demand customer API. Depending on how the API has been implemented, it is possible to set up an article in the news provider’s system and create a Tickaroo live blog at the same time, without having to switch between their CMS and Tickaroo Pro. Reporters are able to create a live blog in the CMS which is automatically imported to Tickaroo and available to them on the fly. This allows the reporter to start writing right away, without having to copy and paste cryptic IDs or embed codes. In order to benefit from this new feature, more setup time is required so that the programmers can create a deeper link between the two systems. However, this new process eliminates a number of steps for the reporter and will ultimately prove to be a time saver in a business where every second counts.
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