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Interview with DOK Magazin

In addition to publishing our CEO's thoughts on the digital age of news coverage, DOK sat down with her to ask a few more directed questions. For the original interview click here.

Ms. Owusu, let’s start with the “customers” of media providers. In your experience, what are the needs of today's readerships that companies must be able to meet?

If one thing is clear, it 's that readers want to be kept informed in real-time. We see the perfect example in Social Media. The networks, once conceived for the exchange of personal information amongst friends, soon also became a valuable channel for news providers, demonstrating just one of the transformations to concern news coverage over the past few years. Users choose their preferred medium, “Like” it, and thus personalise their own information supply and keep themselves always up-to-date. The users no longer want to hear about the latest news in the daily newspapers, but rather in the exact moment when the events occur. Old news isn’t really news anymore. This is also partially why the reader has become more independent. He or she craves short news bites, and is willing to research information on his or her own... For the full interview translation click here.

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