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Finanzpilot Exclusive: Tickaroo CEO Interview

Translated from this exclusive interview. To those who have always dreamt of being a soccer reporter, with the 2018 World Cup finally here, now is your chance to fulfill your dream with Tickaroo. From the idea's conception to today's new platform, Tickaroo's founding team has taken on and conquered many challenges. The company's Co-Founder and CEO Naomi Owusu shares her insights with us in an exclusive interview. Briefly introduce yourself and your business With Tickaroo, we’ve created a platform that offers a variety of tools for different forms of live coverage of news and sports. We ensure that real-time news reaches end users in the fastest way possible, regardless if via their smartphones with push notifications or with your own live blog. We’re connected with both the sports and news industries- our users and customers include reporters and their publishing houses, as well as sports associations, clubs, and event organizers. We’ve additionally established ourselves in the area of IT development and consulting. This is how our team came to design and develop the kicker app. With this app alone, we ensure that millions of sports notifications are daily sent out in real-time. For the translation of the full article please click here.

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