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Event Booster! Why Live Blogs Aren’t Just Useful for Soccer Anymore

Thanks Eventbrite for sharing our CEO's thoughts for event coverage on your blog! Here is our translation for our English speaking users. We can’t imagine getting our sports highlights without them. Over the past few years, live blogs have become a beloved tool of numerous media providers. Those who don't have time to sit in front of a TV during the game can still get all the most important information in real-time on their smartphone or tablet. But if you believe that live blogs only make sense for the sports industry, then you haven’t understood the versatility this technology provides. Why report only on a last second goal or a home run hit out of the park? Today, Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo, shares with us why creating a live blog is also a worthwhile endeavor for your event. For the full translation please click here.

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