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My Home Screen: Naomi Owusu

We just loved this article written by turi2’s Maria Gramsch on what apps our CEO has on her screen, that we just had to translate it for our English speaking followers! Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo, the live content platform, likes using her smartphone to keep track of all of the company’s in-house apps, including the “kicker” apps which are especially busy on weekends. A Clear Overview: I use Twitter for updates about our industry and HipChat for internal company communication, as it makes it easy to quickly reach contacts. I use Salesforce to skim through my contacts in case a meeting gets cancelled. Spontaneous meetings and a short exchanges are often the most exciting. I have Voicemail on my Home Screen, because I don’t want to completely miss a call in case of an emergency. Our main usage times are on the weekend. I look at my phone at regular intervals; I don’t have it on me at all times, but I do have it in hearing distance. That’s what it was made for originally, after all. Once the weekend has ended, I like looking at its statistics on Google Analytics (iOS). I open the Tickaroo Apps numerous times a day in order to see what games are currently taking place, where news is being covered, or even to gain inspiration for new features. Meanwhile the Play Store offers pretty great testing functions, so that I can view our updates before they are released to the end users. This is how we keep our apps current and can regularly update our apps. The “kicker” apps: I could never be without them. Our flagship project, the kicker news app, is for me and the rest office, our main source for daily sports information. With the MeinVerein-App, I get current info around the clock about my favorite sports club, BVB. On the Go and Disoriented doesn’t work for me. The apps that make my life easier while I’m traveling and moving from one meeting to the next are airline apps like: Eurowings and Lufthansa, which help me find the perfect flight; Google Maps (iOS) to find the shortest route; and Uber (iOS), in case I want to get from A to B quickly. Keeping Balance: The exercise apps (Nike Run Club and Nike Training) are simply there to remind me that I like to exercise. It’s important for me, especially on a stressful day of work to shut off and to reward myself with much needed movement. The apps are not always used that often, but during the summer I do use them rather regularly. Music For All of Life’s Circumstances: On the way to work, in the airplane, during certain tasks in the office, while exercising, I love listening to music. For me, Spotify truly is one of the best apps and I really love it! It also makes browsing in record stores easier for me. I like discovering new music and am always looking for a continuous stream of it. It’s especially important in the office! A Quick Note: I recently discovered Writer Plus. Normally I always have my notebook and pencil with me. For ideas that I also want to send to others, the app is great, but I especially love the usability! Who Changed the Clock? Date and Time are especially helpful, when I am in different timezones. With one quick look, I know how late it is at “home base” and at what time I can best reach my colleagues. Photo from turi2

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